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New publication: Transnational Europe – Ib Bondebjerg

Professor Ib Bondebjerg has published a new article on ‘Transnational Europe: TV-drama, co-production networks and mediated cultural encounters’ in the journal Palgrave Communications.

The article, which is available free via open access, comes out of the MeCETES project research into European television:

Exploring the structural changes in the production and distribution of European TV-drama since 2000, this article explores the creative potential of European co-production networks to produce popular and often nationally specific drama. Drawing on case studies of successful drama series, such as Downton Abbey, the author argues that different forms of TV drama will help promote European¬†diversity¬†and attract broader audiences. Against a backdrop of vibrant debate over the advantages and limitations of transnational European collaboration and integration, this study also seeks to contribute to an improved understanding of the concepts of ‘us’ and ‘them’ in European culture.

Download a free copy of the article via the Palgrave Communications website.

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