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Beyond the Box Office: What European films are most popular on TV, DVD and VOD?
film-on-ipad-and-Iphone While cinema admissions data is publicly available, viewing figures for European films on TV, DVD and VOD is harder to come by. Huw D Jones examines how to overcome this problem. One of the main challenges researching the market for European film is determining what Europeans actually watch. While the European Audiovisual Observatory’s LUMIERE database provides pretty accurate data on cinema admissions across Europe, viewing figures for TV, DVD ...
Do reviews affect the box office for European films?
levitan Reviews are key to the marketing of European films. But how to they affect box office performance? Huw Jones investigates. Reviews generally make little difference to how films perform in the box office. When the latest Transformers movie came out last summer, for example, it was universally panned by critics, receiving an average rating of just 18% on the Rotten Tomatoes website.
How Dutch distributors select films within a global market
Roderik 2 PhD research student Roderik Smits was shortlisted earlier this year for the inaugural Dr Joachim Ph. Wolff Thesis Prize, an award given by the Dutch Film Research Foundation for research that benefits the Dutch film industry. Here he outlines the methods, findings and conclusions of his Masters thesis on how Dutch distributors select films within a global ...
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