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Is there a real flowering of Basque-language cinema?
Flowers In the run up to the European Screens conference, MeCETES has invited speakers to write a blog on their conference paper. Here, Miren Manias examines the role of film policy in the revival of Basque-language cinema. It was in 1989 when the last film fully shot in the Basque-language was screened at commercial cinemas. Ke arteko egunak (1989) attracted an audience of 51,600 people.
Minority Language Cinema in Europe
Ida As campaigners call for the production of more minority language films in Europe, Huw D Jones explores the language of European cinema. Last week saw the launch of the manifesto Glocal Cinemas, Big Stories, Small Countries  at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Backed by 24 film professionals from 15 European countries and regions, the manifesto calls for more cinema production and co-production in “non-hegemonic languages” – which are defined as ...
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