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TV Programme Market Report: Nordic Boom Continues
bcbb8a77e5fa3474df14356c4bdc2d112df350d7 Ross Biggam – formerly director of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe and now working for Discovery – offers his latest round-up of news from the European TV programme markets. Universal stories with local setting What do broadcasters want from a co-production? Not an easy question to answer – there are, after all, 11,000 broadcasters in Europe.
TV Programme Market Report: Growth of French TV drama highlighted at Series Mania Festival
Series Mania Now in its third year, the Séries Mania Festival has become a major industry forum for international TV series. Ross Biggam reports from this year’s event in Paris. April saw an interesting rehearsal of some of the issues around production and distribution of content at Séries Mania, a conference and organised pitching session in Paris, co-hosted by the Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC).
TV Programme Market Report: Eastern European TV Resilient Despite Geopolitical Uncertainty
world content market Ross Biggam reports from the World Content Market in Prague (18-20 February, 2015), which focused on broadcasting, production and distribution of television and digital content in Central and Eastern Europe. The past decade has seen a number of programme markets crop up in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). There are tales from the mid-90s – probably apocryphal, TV markets are gossipy places – of would-be buyers from former Yugoslav ...
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