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Film distribution event, London, 13 June
Impression MeCETES and Creative Europe Desk UK present: UK Film Distribution: What’s Changing? A one-day event on the changing nature of UK film distribution 12-5pm, Monday 13 June 2016 Regent Street Cinema, London W1B 2UW Film distribution is changing. The traditional windowing model, whereby films open exclusively in cinemas before they are introduced to the home video market, and thereafter on television, is being undermined by new release strategies.
Roderik Smits moderates panel on sales and distribution
Roderik Smits in conversation with sales agents and distributors at the MeCETES industry event at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen on 9 September 2015. On behalf of the MeCETES York team, Roderik Smits will debate the changing nature of the film distribution business at the Film Expo South industry event in Southampton on 4 February 2016. Roderik Smits in conversation with sales agents and distributors at the MeCETES industry event at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen on 9 September 2015. Roderik will be accompanied by Michael Ryan (GFM Films), Mark Vennis (MovieHouse Pictures) and Steve ...
TV Programme Market Report: Nordic Boom Continues
bcbb8a77e5fa3474df14356c4bdc2d112df350d7 Ross Biggam – formerly director of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe and now working for Discovery – offers his latest round-up of news from the European TV programme markets. Universal stories with local setting What do broadcasters want from a co-production? Not an easy question to answer – there are, after all, 11,000 broadcasters in Europe.
The film distribution business: What’s changing?
curzononamazon600x470 With the rapid rise of the on-line video market, arrangements between sales agents, distributors, content aggregators and digital providers are changing dramatically, writes Roderik Smits. The field of film distribution has historically been reshaped by technological change. In particular, the rapid development of the satellite and cable television market and the home video market in the 1980s had a dramatic effect on the business in terms of financing, production and distribution ...
Researching the Role of Gatekeepers in the Film Business
Amanda Lotz Roderik Smits outlines his PhD research on the ‘gatekeeping’ roles of acquisition scouts, sales agents and distributors within the film distribution business. Gatekeeping roles of acquisition scouts, sales agents and distributors in the film distribution business There has been much discussion in film and media studies recently about how to research industry. Here I want to offer my own insights on investigating ‘gatekeepers’ – e.g.
Industrial Approaches to Media conference
IAM conference - Huw Huw Jones and Roderik Smits attended the Industrial Approaches to Media conference at the University of Nottingham, June 5, 2014. The event was organised by Industrial Approaches to Media (IAM), a research methods training initiative aimed at postgraduate and early career researchers looking to engage with media industry professionals and companies. Huw Jones’s talk on ‘Doing Research on the European Film Industry’ In his presentation, Huw discussed his role on the ...
How Dutch distributors select films within a global market
Roderik 2 PhD research student Roderik Smits was shortlisted earlier this year for the inaugural Dr Joachim Ph. Wolff Thesis Prize, an award given by the Dutch Film Research Foundation for research that benefits the Dutch film industry.
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